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Package content:
Parnian Addon for Microsoft Word and CorelDraw (only Windows), Parnian plugin for Photoshop, Parnian file converter, Parnian Limited Xtra for Macromedia Freehand, Parnian Limited plugin for Adobe Illustrator (only Macintosh), Parnian Addon for 3D Studio MAX (only Windows), Parnian powerfull direct type tools for Arabic/Farsi typeing on CorelDraw, Premiere,...

System Requirements
- Power PC G3 processor or faster
- Mac OSX (10.2 or later)
- Parent Application: Adobe Illustrator 10, Macromedia Freehand MX, Photoshop CS
- CD-ROM Drive (for Installation)
- 4 MB Available Memory/RAM
- 50 MB Available Hard-Disk space
- 1 Available USB Port
- Pentium 3 processor or faster
- Windows 2000 or xp
- Parent Application: Macromedia Freehand, Photoshop CS, Microsoft Word 2000 or later, CorelDraw 11 or later
- CD-ROM Drive (for Installation)
- 20 MB Available Memory/RAM
- 70 MB Available Hard-Disk space
- 1 Available LPT Port

Snap shots
- Macintosh edition
- Windows edition

- Parnian Plus 2 Windows Edition (Demo)
- Parnian Plus 2 Macintosh Edition (Demo)

- Parnian Font sample
- Parnian 3 for Photoshop Manual (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian Plus Read me (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian Plus Quickstart (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian 3 for Photoshop Manual (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian 3 QuickStart (Persian/Farsi)
- Read me (Persian/Farsi)
- Read me 3.1 (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian 3.1 QuickStart (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian 3.1 QuickStart (English)
- Read me 3.1 (English)

- Parnian Catalog 2001 (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian Suite 2002 (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian Plus 2003 (Persian/Farsi)

Parnian Plus is our Official collection tools for intermediate computer user under Windows and Macintosh.

Do you need Parnian Plus?
If you use Microsoft Word to type and want to import zarnegar files in that, if you use CorelDraw for designing and page layout in Windows, if you are a web-page designer and want to use the texts typed in zarnegar in web pages , if you are a user of 3D Studio MAX and need to type words in Persian and finally if you intend to type directly to softwares which Windows or Macintosh is not able to type on, you will need to take advantage of features and benefits of Parnian Plus.
• Microsoft Word & CorelDraw:Parnian Plus allows you to enter other software’s files like zarnegar ,FoxPro, Nashr-e-Alef with all qualities (font, size, and…)as and editable text.
• Photoshop :Parnian Plus for Photoshop is a plug-in which adds Persian/Arabic equipments to Photoshop 7 & CS while being added to it. It gives you the opportunity to import the typed texts in Persian softwares (zarnegar, Microsoft word for instance) in an editable text layer with all characteristics (font, size, and…), type and paragraph Persian/Arabic directly with more than 150 fonts, transfer the available files between Windows and Macintosh and be able to change them.
• Freehand : Parnian Plus for Freehand is our limited extra program for Freehand 10 and MX which permits you to type Persian/Arabic, after being installed to Freehand. The texts which are typed in Freehand with Parnian Plus can be edited on both Windows and Macintosh.
• 3D Studio MAX : Parnian Plus for 3D Studio MAX permits you to insert editable Persian text in it by adjoining a new window to 3D studio MAX.
• Parnian Plus stand alone application is an independent program which provides the opportunity to type Persian/Arabic in softwares that do not have a specific plug-in such as Corel Draw, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop Elements and… . With Parnian Plus you can convert files of softwares (zarnegar, Macintosh, FoxPro, Nashr-e-Alef, Microsoft word, RTF, HTML and…) to one another with all qualities (font, size, and…).

Features & Benefit

  • Import original Zarnegar file on Microsoft Word 2000/xp/2003
  • Import Word 97/2000/xp/2003 and Zarnegar files on CorelDraw 11/12
  • Adding Arabic/Farsi text layer to Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Import Word 97/2000/xp/2003 and Zarnegar files on Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Arabic/Farsi type in Macromedia Freehand 10/MX
  • Arabic/Farsi type in 3D studio MAX
  • Automatic database publishing in MSWord 2000/xp
  • File converter (DOC, DBF, HTML, Zarnegar, RTF ...)



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