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Parnian for 3D Studio MAX


System Requirements
- Pentium 3 processor or faster
- Windows 2000 or xp
- Parent Application: 3D Studio MAX R3 or R4
- CD-ROM Drive (for Installation)
- 20 MB Available Memory/RAM
- 70 MB Available Hard-Disk space

Snap shots
- Macintosh edition
- Windows edition

- Parnian MAX for 3D Studio MAX R3 or R4 (Free)


- Parnian Catalog 2001 (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian Suite 2002 (Persian/Farsi)
- Parnian Plus 2003 (Persian/Farsi)

Parnian MAX is a 3D Studio MAX Plugin software that allows type in Arabic/Farsi. Parnian MAX transforms 3D Studio MAX into a professional Arabic/Farsi 3D software, with no need for an Arabic/Farsi Operating System.
Parnian MAX is designed for use with Windows 2000 and xp.

Features & Benefit

  • Add Right to Left (RL) text layer to 3D Studio MAX.
  • Keyboard changer.
  • Over 150 Arabic/Farsi high quality fonts.
  • Compatible with other Parnian products (Parnian Xtra, Parnian Page, ....)

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