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MAPOut Parnian MAPOut 2 (Macintosh/Windows)
MAPOut is a suite of plug-ins for Macromedia FreeHand 10/MX and QuarkXPress 5 that bridges Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with high-end graphic design software for high quality creation, high resolution printing and electronic publishing of maps. Cartographic quality map production is now faster, easier and better.

Parnian 3 for QuarkXPress 6.5 : Update your Parnian to QuarkXPress 6.5...
OS eXtra eXpander: News, Tutorials, Middle East Yellow Pages, Software Directory, Download and.....

Firefox Plugins : Add Macupdate and Version Tracker search engine to Firefox

Parnian 3 for PageMaker : Start shipping on Sep 30 2004...

Parnian MAX (Freeware) : Add Arabic/Farsi Language to 3D Studio MAX
Parnian plus 2 : Import Zarnegar file on MS-WORD, ColrelDRAW,Photoshop
Parnian 3 for Freehand MX : The professional tools for Arabic/Farsi designe
Parnian 3 for Photoshop CS : Fresh OS (OSX and Windows xp)
Tech support : Questions and answers, troubleshooting, tutorials and more

Parnian Suite 3 (Macintosh/Windows)
Parnian Suite 3 The professional collection tools for Arabic/Farsi Page layout under QuarkXPress 5, Macromedia Freehand MX, Adobe PageMaker 7, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS and ....


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