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Parnian XTension 3 Parnian XTension 3 (Windows/Macintosh)
Add Arabic/Farsi language to QuarkXPress 6 and Photoshop CS, Import Word 97/2000/xp and Zarnegar files on QuarkXPress and Photoshop, Export QuarkXPress documents to Arabic/Farsi HTML and RTF, Arabic/Farsi Spell checker (over 45000 words), Add Type Assist to QuarkXPress, Impose on 2,4,6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 64.... pages format, Full compatibility between Macintosh and Windows version of Parnian., Over 150 Arabic/Farsi fonts

Parnian 3 for QuarkXPress 6.5 : Update your Parnian to QuarkXPress 6.5...
OS eXtra eXpander: News, Tutorials, Middle East Yellow Pages, Software Directory, Download and.....

Firefox Plugins : Add Macupdate and Version Tracker search engine to Firefox

Parnian 3 for PageMaker : Start shipping on Sep 30 2004...

Parnian MAX (Freeware) : Add Arabic/Farsi Language to 3D Studio MAX
Parnian plus 2 : Import Zarnegar file on MS-WORD, ColrelDRAW,Photoshop
Parnian 3 for Freehand MX : The professional tools for Arabic/Farsi designe
Parnian 3 for Photoshop CS : Fresh OS (OSX and Windows xp)
Tech support : Questions and answers, troubleshooting, tutorials and more

Parnian Suite 3 (Macintosh/Windows)
Parnian Suite 3 The professional collection tools for Arabic/Farsi Page layout under QuarkXPress 5, Macromedia Freehand MX, Adobe PageMaker 7, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS and ....


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